South Dakota Jaycees

The South Dakota Jaycees would like to say hello and welcome to our website.  We are excited for all the great things that will be happening in 2012 in South Dakota!  My name is Jamie Freestone and I will be serving as the South Dakota Jaycee State President this year.  

My hope is that we are able to promote our state organization through respect, loyalty and most of all, unity.  Our main focus this year is to help our local members and chapters to bring everyone together.  For it is true that there is power in numbers, but even more power when the numbers act together as one.  It is time for all of us to join together, work side by side, and support this organization from the local member up to the national president. 

In South Dakota, we have excitement, and it is time to extend that excitement out to new members and start new projects.  South Dakota Jaycees have training, but it is time for the trainees to become the trainers and to give that knowledge to the new members joining our organization.  

The South Dakota Jaycee organization has had some incredible ideas in the past that created focus for the present, it is now time for new ideas in the present to help boost the 

organization into the future. 

For South Dakota, it is time to learn, it is time to grow, it is TIME TO RISE! 


Thank You,


Jamie Freestone

76th South Dakota State President